Here at Look Around, we have been doing everything we can to help those in need during lockdown. With a roadmap out of lockdown and ending of coronavirus support measures, the coming months will be some of the hardest people have ever faced. In response, we have decided to extend our outreach programme for the foreseeable future.

With the end of the eviction ban on the 31st of May, the backup of evictees is forecast to be catastrophic. 840,00 tenants are currently in rent debt. Additionally, an estimated half a million are predicted to lose their homes after the eviction ban is lifted.

Even with the government’s “everyone in scheme”, that housed rough sleepers at the beginning pandemic, 70,000 households were made homeless during the pandemic. This adding to the gruelling fact that homelessness death increased by one third in 2020. That is 1,000 unhoused people who died across the country.

The government’s £180 million discretionary housing scheme for local councils is in place to support unhoused persons. But it has not been reviewed since pre-pandemic times. With the spike in homelessness cases, and no new policies in the 2021 budget to tackle the issue, local councils are set to be overwhelmed.

We consider homelessness as the tip of the iceberg. With over 700,000 plunged into poverty over the pandemic (and rising!), there is a growing need for communal aid and support. We are in need of each other more than ever.

We believe that it is important that during these troubling time for local communities, authorities, charity bodies to band together. To make a real impact, we must all work together to provide the resources and support for those in need. At Look Around, we and our partners are dedicating every resource to tackling these issues.

We now offer free counselling to families and those suffering from mental health or emotional difficulties. Also, for those suffering economically, we offer free financial guidance. However, this is not enough!

We need your help in this process. Whether it is highlighting these issues by sharing content, volunteering to help those on the streets, or donating to our outreach programme. Your contributions really do matter! Join in an effort to change people’s lives for the better.

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Written by Calum Okeefe. Edited by Rudolf Lapins.