Drug and alcohol addiction destroys millions of families every year in the United Kingdom. Under one family’s desire to help drug or alcohol-addicted people in England, the Exodus Recovery centre was established in 2018.

Help us save the lives of people struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. One person at a time.

Who We Help?

Look Around works intensively with a range of people who have encountered various problems in their life journey


Drug And Alcohol-Addicted Individuals

We help drug and alcohol-addicted individuals under the Exodus Recovery Programme.

Young People

We organise projects aimed at preventing drugs and alcohol abuse amongst children and young people. By laying the right foundation in their lives, we can greater ensure they make the correct choices later on in life.

Co-dependent Family Members

We provide counselling and support for co-dependent family members.

How We Do It?

Exodus Recovery programme consists of 4 interrelated stages, which are integral parts of a recovery process.

– Stage One

Consultation Stage

Here, we meet with the individual interested in the program, providing a detailed description of our program, schedule; and rules to ensure that the correct expectations are held before admission. We also work closely with family members to educate them about constructive ways of retaining relationships with the addict, creating an atmosphere that will assist a successful recovery. If the individual is fit for the program, he then goes to the in-patient stage and moves into the recovery centre.

– Stage Two

Inpatient Stage

This stage lasts 6 to 8 months, being in residence at the recovery centre, where the individual lives in a shared community setting that has everything for the participant’s comfortable stay, rest, work and study. The participants of the program take part in group and individual training, creative evenings and other cultural events with the goal of reforming a once ruined personality and character. The participants of the program are introduced to Christian teaching, which is based on love for one’s neighbour and the desire to live a righteous life, as described in the Bible.

– Stage Three

Social Adaptation

During the stage of social adaptation, the person learns to lead a healthy lifestyle in a natural environment, bringing individual behaviour in line with societal norms and values and restoring one’s social status.

– Stage Four

Life after the inpatient programme & long-term support

We offer long-term support, not limited in time. Support is available to every person when they finish the programme. We help to find employment, get enrolled in further education, and find housing. During this stage, the person is able to build positive relationships with a wider community and make plans for the future.


Exodus Recovery has already changed the lives of many people, allowing them to live a drug-free life and giving them a chance for a better future. Read stories of people who have successfully recovered here

We Need Your Support!

By establishing Exodus Recovery, we are able to support the recovery of addicts. However, we are in need of expansion. Currently, due to limited space, we are turning down numerous individuals. Our programme is in high demand, people are in need of help, however,  we simply cannot house them.

By the end of 2021, we aim to expand our facilities, but this will only be possible with your help. With your donations, we will be able to establish a female wing and expand our male wing so that we can maximise access to our programme.

Your donations have a direct impact on people’s lives.

Support Look Around to support change. By helping just one person, you can impact many.



Worried about your loved one’s drinking or drug abuse?

Remember, addiction is not a life sentence! Even with the slightest desire and support of the family, the person can recover. Don’t waste any more time and reach out to us for help to give a new life to your loved one.