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Exodus Recovery Centre

Exodus Recovery was established in response to a rising issue of drug and alcohol addiction in the UK that destroys millions of families every year. The primary goal of Exodus Recovery is supporting individuals recovering from substance abuse so that they may be fully restored and returned as productive members in society. To accomplish this goal, we conduct a preventive and restorative program for drug and alcohol addiction based on the Christian faith and study of the Bible.


We have group houses in which individuals who are recovering from substance abuse live in a supportive and substance-free environment. While living in these homes, recovering addicts are educated and taught based on biblical principles aimed at preventing future substance abuse. Our treatment process is 24 months long and split into stages. The completion of each stage is dependent on the progress of each individual. The first stage is a mandatory in-patient program, which lasts a minimum of 6 months, after which another stage of rehab is recommended.


The first stage focuses more on the individual and his/her relationship with God, While the second stage focuses more on social aspects as well as offering more freedom to make ones’ own choices. According to our experience, it is best to remove the individual from his/her place of residence, home, family, friends, neighborhood, and anything else that has the potential to negatively influence them.


Only when a person is completely cut off from their old way of life, they can begin to accept and implement the changes needed for a new life. The majority of these changes come from the study of the Bible, which corresponds with and motivates the learning of self-discipline while changing one’s outlook on life. The program ultimately offers freedom from addictions and harmful, destructive behaviour. These changes can then be utilised in such a way that is both permanent and optimistic for productive societal function.


If you have a friend or family member who is a victim of substance misuse and needs help, please contact us on 07546667820 for a consultation.


Please note that the programme guarantees full confidentiality. Information about recovery participants is not shared with any third parties.

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Family Support


Social Rehabilitation




Homeless Outreaches

 According to recent studies, 280,000 people around England spend their nights on the streets every winter. Many are struggling with mental and physical health issues, some do not have access to basic amenities. This is why we are organising our Homeless Outreach for those unfortunate to live on the streets.

How You Can Get Involved

There are three ways you can help those unfortunate to be living on the streets:

Donate Food & Clothes

Donate warm clothes like scarves, gloves, hats, jumpers, socks, duvets, blankets. Brand-new or used but make sure those are of good condition.


 Join our team of volunteers to work on the front line distributing support packs, giving hot drinks and delivering a message of hope.

Financial Support

Donate money to help us buy and prepare support packs of different snacks, non-perishable foods, sanitary items, and a hot drink for the homeless.

CMC Kids Camp

CMC summer camp is aimed at building the right foundation in a young person’s life through a fun and educating programme. We believe in the bright future of the next generation and we want to lay the right foundation in their lives now!

CMC Camp

The place where every child and teenager can spend an unforgettable time and create lots of memories. Together with an experienced staff team, the camp created an educational and engaging programme for both children and teenagers. In the camp, children learn through creative lessons, science experiments, sports games, exciting challenges, and interactive Bible lessons. Every participant has a chance to attend professional classes in dance, music, and drama.

Additional support

If you are an individual, a family, a community or a ministry who needs help with an issue, please don’t hesitate and contact us.

The camp is run solely by volunteers

Who are driven by love towards children and want to ensure that every child has the most amazing time of their lives, meets new friends, learns new skills and experiences the love of God! The camp capacity is now limited; however, CMC Camp aims to expand, allowing more children and teenagers from all backgrounds to participate in a camp that can change their life forever!

Support today to help more children to create amazing memories and experience the love of God!

Look Around is always ready to give a helping hand to those who need it the most. As a charity we want to identify the need and act immediately upon it, creating a plan of action, fundraising, providing practical help and advice.

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