Help Us Tackle The National Addiction Crisis

By helping just one person, you can impact the lives of many.

How It All Started?

It all started back in 2014, with one family, Vasily and Julia Strelnikov. Driven by their compassion towards God and the people, they started their ministry at their family home.

They met people who lost their footing in life, offering them a place to stay and an opportunity to start life anew. Though faced with difficulty, a lack of support, criticism and even betrayal, they never gave up and continued to do the work that they were called for because they saw how big the need was.

They followed one principle in everything they did – to accept a person, show them, love, because everyone else had already rejected them, following the example of Jesus who showed His life towards us and allow them to rebuild their life with the help of the community, even if it meant having to share a single bathroom with 9 other people.

Vasily and Julia always believed that by helping just one person, they could impact many. They saw how people who received freedom from addiction would get involved in the process and start helping others with a similar issue.

What began with one family transformed into a community of compassionate volunteers, who believe that everyone deserves a second chance. They realised that it was a time to establish a charity that is dedicated to helping the less advantaged.

Today, Look Around is a Christian charity that seeks to tackle and fulfil societal needs in excluded communities around the UK and abroad. The charity provides a range of support services for people struggling with addiction and co-dependent family members and runs a faith-based community recovery programme – Exodus Recovery.

Look Around was established with one purpose, to change a life, one person at a time.

We Need Your Help!

Raising funds will enable Exodus Recovery to expand the capacity of the programme that can save people’s lives from addiction, open a new centre, fully facilitated for both men and women, enrol more people into the programme and continue providing vital counselling services to co-dependent family members.

Exodus recovery has already changed so many lives, giving those forgotten a second chance.
With your help, we can increase their capacity to tackle this crippling issue of addiction.

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